The Multimedia Station

"The MultiMedia Station is a hub that takes care of your video, audio, and graphics editing and shooting including weddings, events, ceremonies, and business marketing material. Our hub amplifies and helps your business to flourish through marketing your business and presenting it in the best picture it could be seen."


1035 Mason St Suite 103,

Dearborn, MI 48124

Tel: (734) 315-0718


*Once a deposit have been received by The Multimedia Station or a booking have been confirmed digitally and the customer wishes to cancel. a 30% cancellation fee will be charged. 


*We usually deliver edited projects in a timely manner, but depending on the season and the work load, it could take up to 24 weeks to deliver the final materials to the customer.

*After all materials and projects have been delivered, there is no guarantee that The Multimedia Station will have a copy of any work. 

*The Multimedia Station is the sole owner of all the footage and projects that it shoots and can use it in any social media platform and advertising unless the customer requested otherwise.


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